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Polycarbonate NEMA Enclosures


  Just as electronics has evolved, so has enclosure technology. Polycarbonate represents the next step in the evolution of technology for outdoor, wireless, wastewater treatment, solar, broadband over power line (BPL), smart grid and all traditional non-metallic applications. 

Electrical Enclosure Cooling Solutions


Temperature control solutions designed to solve the enclosure cooling challenges that your industrial application poses for your electrical control panels.  Our products include: Air Conditioners, Air to Air Heat Exchangers, and Filtered Fan Packages

Standard and Custom Crafted Metal Enclosures

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 A leading designer and manufacturer of enclosures for electrical control panels that offers a full range of high quality products from a comprehensive selection of standard enclosures to custom industrial enclosures designed for specialized applications.  

Welding Equipment & Systems for Manufacturing Processes


Provides a broad range of technologies engaged in developing, manufacturing, and servicing products and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing, hot bar reflow soldering and micro TIG welding.

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Border States Technical Associates


 We have been supporting the electronic and industrial markets in the Southwest for over three decades. We pride ourselves in our product knowledge, professional service, and consider ourselves solution providers to our customer base. 


Learn more about the Thermal Edge 5-Year Warranty.

Thermal Edge 5-Year warranty details

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